Wind Energy and Society

Wind Energy and Society

2019-05-23T10:10:48+00:00May 23rd, 2019|Wind Energy|

At DTU Wind Energy, we have a few employees working with social acceptance.

Over the years, DTU Wind Energy has acquired a well-known and respected position within the wind energy sector in Denmark and globally. There are challenges, however, such as social acceptability that have been growing outside of the technology arena.

At DTU Wind Energy we address novel challenges by working together with social sciences. In our social science research group, we employ various perspectives and approaches to tackle the underlying socio-technical, spatial and political dynamics that evoke these challenges. We also work in a transdisciplinary manner in the attempt to cross-fertilize insights from social science and natural science research. The aim is to establish synergies between the disciplines that can contribute to a better understanding of the role of wind power in society and its increasingly contested development and deployment.

We strive to explore the human and social dimensions of wind energy and technology and to better understand the socio-technical interplay, dynamics and relationships between society and wind energy and thus how wind energy can further contribute to a just, sustainable, and acceptable energy transition. In doing so, we also collaborate and communicate with relevant stakeholders, such as governmental bodies, planning authorities, the wind industry, municipalities and communities  in order to inform, empower and advise on their practices.
Amongst others, our research deals with the following topics:

  • Social acceptance of and local response to siting of wind farm projects onshore and offshore
  • Socio-technical  controversies and spatial conflicts over  wind energy deployment in Global North and Global South
  • Public participation in wind farm planning, community engagement and ownership
  • Global dynamics of competition and collaboration and innovation processes in the wind turbine industry