The world will electrify. This technology can power our sustainable future | Freethink

The world will electrify. This technology can power our sustainable future | Freethink

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The world will electrify. This technology can power our sustainable future | Ryan Morris, Chairman & CEO of Turntide
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The decarbonization of the economy is the single biggest public health and business challenge of our time.

The problem is, humans have historically framed the health of the economy and the health of our planet in opposition to each other. In this model, carbon-emitting power systems are essential to a thriving economy and any policy that would restrict carbon emissions would also cost jobs and disrupt economies.

A perfect example of this dilemma is seen in transportation and building operations.

The transportation industry accounts for 23% of carbon emissions worldwide. Building operations — all of the systems that make buildings function, like heating and cooling systems and plumbing — account for a staggering 28% of the world’s CO2 emissions. If buildings were a country, they would vie with China over how much carbon they emit. Combine the two industries and you’ve got half the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

But we can’t live without buildings or transportation.

That’s why Ryan Morris, CEO of Turntide wants to bridge the divide between building a robust economy and saving our planet. And his company is doing that by reinventing the motors that power every machine that moves.

“By 2040, if every motor [in the built environment] is upgraded to an optimal motor system, that’ll be the equivalent of adding seven Amazon rainforests and 2.3 gigatons of carbon sequestration per year,” Morris tells Freethink.

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This video was created in partnership with Turntide Technologies.


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