The BEST BUDGET Power Station?! – BIBENE LiFePO4 614wh – Full Review and Testing!

The BEST BUDGET Power Station?! – BIBENE LiFePO4 614wh – Full Review and Testing!

2021-07-26T07:06:54+00:00July 26th, 2021|Solar Energy|

In this video I review and test this BIBENE portable power station / battery. This machine blows away the competition on price but does it actually perform as advertised? The answer is YES! At $400 or UNDER this is my BUDGET power station recommendation for anyone looking to buy one for running 12v compressor fridges or run low power devices at camp. Check out this video for all my testing results. It’s not a perfect power station…..I’d like to see more solar input and better AC inverter efficiency but for the price it’s still worth it!

Cost, Capacity, Smaller size, Great display info, LiFePO4 chemistry battery cycles

Non Big-Name brand, 100 Watt charging limit, Can’t charge under 32F (LiFePO4 chemistry charging limit)

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You can purchase the BIBENE 614wh Budget power station on Amazon here:

You can purchase the Rockpals 100 watt folding solar panel used in the video here:

This BALDR 120watt panel will also work with this power station, provides slightly more power:

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Front Panel Overview: (1:30)
Amazing LED Flood Light: (2:47)
DC Capacity Testing: (3:28)
AC Capacity Testing – Inverter Testing: (4:11)
Charging the Power Station: (5:33)
AC Inverter Load Test – 500 watts?: (8:21)
Running 12v Fridges on This Battery: (9:52)
Final Thoughts – Buy it or Not: (12:23)

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