Standard Solar releases community solar project how-to guide

Standard Solar releases community solar project how-to guide

2019-08-16T05:32:10+00:00August 16th, 2019|Solar Energy|

As community solar increases in popularity so does the need for funding of these projects. Community solar expert Standard Solar has launched a new e-book called “Community Solar: What You Need to Know.”

“As we’ve watched the community solar market emerge, we’ve noted a significant lack of resources to educate those looking to do these types of projects,” said Scott Wiater, CEO and president of Standard Solar. “Based on our expertise in the field, we can help fill this critical information gap and developed this e-book to offer potential partners and customers a clear and concise guide to community solar.”

This free, comprehensive guide to community solar answers the most pressing questions about this solar sector. Most importantly, it addresses how community solar deals get done — and, even more importantly, how they get funded.

In the e-book, readers will also discover:

  • What models for community solar currently exist
  • What states have thriving community solar markets, and which are moving in that direction
  • Why community solar might be right for you
  • How successful community solar deals are structured

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