RWAs want solar panels must for government buildings

RWAs want solar panels must for government buildings

2019-06-24T06:43:26+00:00June 24th, 2019|Solar Energy|

CHANDIGARH: The resident welfare associations (RWAs) have demanded to make installation of solar panel mandatory for government buildings, but voluntarily for private houses. This was mooted out by the members of various resident welfare associations (RWAs) in a recent meeting, in which the representatives were made aware about the pros and cons of solar panel.

Members are of the view that the Chandigarh administration should not make it mandatory for the residents to install solar panels in their houses. In fact, it should be entirely on the residents to install it or not because not everyone can afford it. Senior citizens are of the view that it is not possible for them to maintain solar panels in the absence of their children and it should not be made mandatory for residents. Pardeep Chopra, a resident of Sector 21, Chandigarh, said why the government was not making it mandatory for its own buildings to install solar panel, instead of imposing it on the residents. He said the authorities concerned were reviewing whether the residents were financially capable of installing this system or not.

He said there were cases where residents were unable to afford installation of solar panels and were in a fix regarding the same. Baljinder Singh Bittu, chairman, Foswac, said the residents were facing issues in installation and getting the approvals for the same.

R S Gill, secretary, Foswac, and a resident of Sector 8, said this should not be made mandatory across the city. If the authorities were interested to get it imposed in residential areas, they should have given an option to the public that they would get it installed for those who could not afford it.