Hydrogen production planned at Swiss hydro plant

Hydrogen production planned at Swiss hydro plant

2019-07-31T10:16:16+00:00July 31st, 2019|Water Energy|

Alpiq and H2 Energy have announced they have achieved a milestone for the development of hydrogen-powered mobility in Switzerland, with the country’s first system for the commercial production of hydrogen expected to be operational at the Gösgen hydropower plant by the end of the year.

The 2MW system is to be constructed on the left bank of the Aare canal by Hydrospider, which is owned in equal shares by Alpiq and H2 Energy. Alpiq and H2 Energy plan to use hydropower to produce hydrogen for some 50 fuel cell-powered electric lorries.

In future, Hydrospider intends to produce climate-friendly hydrogen in Gösgen using electricity from 100 percent hydropower to power the first 50 of a total of 1,600 fuel cell lorries, which Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility, a joint venture between Hyundai Motors and H2 Energy, will bring onto Swiss roads by 2025.

Source : https://www.waterpowermagazine.com/news/newshydrogen-production-planned-at-swiss-hydro-plant-7337079