Hydrofarm Photobio MX LED grow light test and review

Hydrofarm Photobio MX LED grow light test and review

2021-07-24T13:19:55+00:00July 24th, 2021|Water Energy|

Product page: https://www.hydrofarm.com/p/category-led-lighting/photobio-mx-680w-100-277v-s4-spectrum-w-iloc/ptb7680ls47

Comparison report pdf: https://s3.amazonaws.com/hydrofarmpubdocs/Phantom%20PHOTOBIO%20LED%20PPI%20v.May2021.pdf

Hydrofarm is a big player in indoor growing equipment in the US and their LED lighting brand Photobio has released a flagship LED grow light, the 680W Phantom MX.

It is a commercial grade fixture which is DLC listed and IP 65 rated for a wet area. The driver has long 10ft or 3.5m power cable, can be hung remotely and is fully controllable with iLOC Integrated Light Output Control and also has an onboard manual dimmer.

The light output is full spectrum and the system efficiency result in our test was 2.32 µmols/watt (usable PPF/watt) when hung at 20″ or 50cm over a 5×5 (1.5m x 1.5m) test area with silver mylar walls.

An excellent commercial grade fixture.


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