Floating Wind Turbines: The Skyscrapers of the Sea

Floating Wind Turbines: The Skyscrapers of the Sea

2021-11-25T14:52:33+00:00November 25th, 2021|Wind Energy|

In this episode, Frédéric shows us the ins and outs of floating wind turbines. How they’re installed, how they generate energy, and just how much energy they can generate from ocean winds. Get ready for some strong gusts, this one might blow you away.

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Hosted by : Frédéric Lesur (Nexans)
Guest: Maxime Toulotte (Nexans)

Script doctor : Randall Whitlow

Nexans : Christopher Guérin, Catherine Garipoglu, Emmanuelle Guy, Minaa El Baz, Ludivine Lamiaux, Annick Hubert.

Director : Victor Bocquillon
Camera operator : Julie Turgis
Set designer : Alexia Rosanis
Set designer assistant : Stéphanie Rosanis
Location manager : Antoine Jouguet
Assistant location manager : Matthieu Duval
Makeup artist : Emeline Marret
Editor : Guillaume Namur
Sound mixer : Nicolas Regent
Graphic designer : Gwendolyne Röttger
Technical means of shooting : VIDEOLOGY
Technical means of post-production : STRING THEORY

Executive production : STRING THEORY – a society from Effervescence’s group
Producer : Cyril Pennec
Executive Producer : Judith Naudet Baulieu
Production manager : Albéric de Lambilly
Administration : Emmanuelle Le Roy Poncet /Joséphine Deuil
Effervescence : Marie Djoudi / Marcellin Tezier
Digital content : STRING THEORY – Simon Saulay