CIAL to dismantle some solar panels

CIAL to dismantle some solar panels

2019-08-16T07:34:24+00:00August 16th, 2019|Solar Energy|

Steps for discharge of storm water through Chengalthodu

Cochin International Airport Limited has said it would dismantle some of the solar panels over the Chengalthodu diversion canal as a flood prevention measure.

Airport sources indicated that though the present solar panel installations did not prevent the flow of water, there had been a vociferous demand from the local people that the panels might stand in the way of proper storm water discharge. The measure to dismantle panels, accounting for about 4 Mw of power, is being undertaken under these circumstances.

CIAL had been declared the fist airport in the world to run solely on solar power with an installed capacity of around 40 Mwp. The airport was also chosen the Champion of the Earth by the United Nations last year.

Meanwhile, the residents of Nedumbassery panchayat have thanked the district revenue authorities for their efforts to help increase the drainage of storm water through the Manjalithodu, a tributory of the Periyar. The removal obstructions in the rivulet had helped improve the situation in Nedumbassery and its neighbouring areas.

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