CANWIN Dry Type Transformers Manufacturing Process & Ready To Ship | Power Transformer Manufacturer

CANWIN Dry Type Transformers Manufacturing Process & Ready To Ship | Power Transformer Manufacturer

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• Reduced on-load and no-load losses; Reduced noise level
• Possibility of operation at the temperature range up tо–60°С
• Qualitative materials and components
• Electro-technical steel with low specific losses
• Foil for windings is bought from the brand manufacturers

Product introduction

Epoxy resin casting dry-type power

The transformer is a low-noise, low-loss type dry-type transformer.

Especially suitable for urban power grid, high-rise buildings, business centers, theaters, hospitals, hotels, tunnels, subways, underground power stations, laboratories, stations, docks, airports, integrated substations and other important places.

The magnetic core

It is made of cold-rolled electro-technical sheet steel with a heat-proof coating. Stacking technology

and “step-lap” cutting provide low level of no-load losses. Cutting of electro-technical steel is carried out on the automatic cutting line with the high cut accuracy.

High voltage windings

Are made in section-layer form with the series connection of sections. HV winding is made of insulated wire or foil on high accuracy coil-processing machines. Vacuum resin filling of windings is carried out during a completely automated process. Epoxy compound includes a number of components providing a good heat emission, and also a high thermos-stability.

Low voltage windings

Are made of foil on automatic winding machine with simultaneous winding of inter-laminar and frontal insulation. Number of cooling ducts in the winding depends on the transformer power. Ducts are provided with fiber glass profiles of a high heat resistance class. Windings are covered with insulating enamels and heat treated.

Transformer housing

Provides necessary protection degree of the active part. It is made of steel construction with walls, a bottom and a roof. The walls and the bottom have vent holes, providing a normalized cooling level of the transformer. Wide walls have access panels for access to adjusting taps. All walls are detachable, that assures visual inspection and maintenance service on a schedule date.

Transformers can be manufactured of the following design versions:

• Lеft: HV winding inputs are on the left regarding the front;

• Right: HV winding inputs are on the right regarding the front;

• Up: inputs of the LV and HV windings are on the transformer upper cover.

• Other design versions are up to the customer re- quest.

• Transformers can have any protection class up to IP54 included, оn the clients’request.

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