BEST 5 WAYS to OPEN and 2 WAYS to PREVENT STUCK Water Filter Housing!

BEST 5 WAYS to OPEN and 2 WAYS to PREVENT STUCK Water Filter Housing!

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Can’t get your water filter housing open to change the filter? No matter how hard you try and how hard you push it will not open? In this video you’ll learn 5 techniques to get that housing open so you can change your water filter and 2 things you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again, all starting right now!
It seems so easy, just unscrew the filter housing, remove and replace the filter and you’re good to go, right? Well sometimes you just can’t get it unscrewed so here are 5 great tips to help you out!
1) Turn your water supply off. You probably have a shutoff on the supply line located before the filter. If not, go to the hydro panel and turn the pump off.
2) Relieve the water pressure on the lines before you attempt to unscrew the housing that holds the water filter. Turn a faucet on inside the house to relieve the pressure and let the water run until it slows to a trickle. Then shut off the water after the filter housing to keep the water from the house from draining back.
3) Place a bucket under the filter housing. If the housing has a relief button push that to make sure all the pressure is gone. Make sure that the filter housing is securely fastened. Brace the plumbing while unscrewing the housing and take it off. Remember you will be turning the housing to the left, “lefty loosey, righty tighty”.
4) If it does not come loose, you will need to try the following:
1) Using a blow dryer to heat up and expand the outside of the housing until it becomes very warm, knock it with a hammer and remove with the filter housing wrench.
2) Use two filter housing wrenches together, one for each hand and twist the housing with both wrenches.*%20housing*%20wrenche*

3) You can sandwich two filter housing wrenches together and add pipe to give you more leverage.
4) Use a metal filter wrench like this one, which is stronger and longer than the typical plastic one. You can buy these on Amazon in a number of sizes. If that doesn’t work, you can always add on a piece of pipe to that wrench.
5) Another alternative is a Lisle Strap wrench like this You just wrap it around your housing and with a ½” socket wrench add some torque to release the filter housing. You can even add a piece of pipe to the socket wrench for more torque.
Then just clean out the housing and replace the filter.
To lessen the possibility of this happening again in the future I definitely suggest you do two things!
1) Always make sure that you check the bottom of the filter housing for o rings left behind from the old filter before putting in the new filter
2) Use some plumber’s clear silicone grease and or replace the o ring so you don’t need to tighten it so much to begin with to keep it from leaking.
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